Pedigree Integration

Integrate family health history tools to enhance your existing clinical applications.

FamGenix’s engineers have architected our platform in a way that allows you to license whatever family history tools you require.

Pedigree Functionality

Embed our fully-functional Provider Portal or just our pedigree drawing module to represent family health histories with the confidence it meets the standards genetic professionals world-wide depend on to assess their patients’ risk of hereditary diseases.  No need to login to a separate system when you can utilize single sign-on (SSO) and embed this module as if it’s part of your system.

  1. Provider Portal – license as a stand-alone system, or access via a button from your existing system.
  2. Pedigree Module Only – for those who already have family health history data, and need to generate view-only or editable pedigrees to clinicians.  Ideal for EHR systems or other medical history software applications.
pedigree software integration
cancer risk assessment

Cancer Risk Models

Included with the Provider Portal or available via an API,  you can run multiple models at once.  We even alert you if you’re missing specific data for a certain model. Risk assessment tools include BOADICEA, Tyrer-Cuzick v8 (IBIS), BayesMendel (BRCAPRO, MMRpro, MelaPRO, PancPRO), Gail and Claus.

Population Screening Tools

Implement a customizable survey to screen your patient populations for any hereditary disease, like cancer, cardio or neurological diseases.  Display and screen only the diseases you desire.  Data is transmitted into your existing system.  Options include the ability for patients to complete a detailed family health history for further analysis.

family history tools

Benefits of Integration

Efficiently Screen Patients

Screen patients for risk of hereditary diseases based on NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) or ACMG/NSGC Practice Guidelines.

Improve Access to Patient Data

Link and display pedigrees in your EHR for any clinician to access.

Save Time, Reduce Costs

Avoid the development costs of building your own tools and license FamGenix at a fraction of the cost.

Empower Patients

Provide digital tools for patients to give them more control over their medical data.

Pedigree Experts

We have over 100 years combined experience in developing pedigree tools that are used worldwide by top clinical genetic teams.

Trusted Network

Not in a position to assess hereditary risk due to a lack of resources? No problem, connect with our partners to outsource these services and bring quality care to your patients. Contact us for details.

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