Our passion is family health histories.

We empower families to easily maintain and share their family health history, and to know and help reduce their risk for inherited diseases.

Our Mission

Innovative Family Health History Applications

We are committed to providing quality applications to assist families and the medical community in accurately gathering and maintaining family health history data efficiently and securely. 

Helping Patients and Families

We believe family health history belongs in the hands of the patient – an ever-evolving record that can be updated when needed.  By helping families raise awareness of their risk for hereditary disease, they can take better control of their health and take the necessary steps to minimize future health issues for their family.

Helping Healthcare Professionals

By helping clinicians gather this data efficiently and accurately, they can spend more time in consultation and evaluation, serve more patients and provide better healthcare.

We are family health history experts.

FamGenix (formerly called FamHis, Inc.) is a company whose team has over 60 years of combined experience in developing and optimizing pedigree drawing and family history tools in coordination with healthcare providers around the world.

We know the complexities of families. Building software tools to handle these complexities along with the data required to accurately determine hereditary risk is also challenging, but our expert staff has been through this before.

Be assured that as we partner with you in gathering family health data, we will continually strive to improve our products and provide you outstanding support along the way.

Our Company

Our Leadership Team

Michael Brammer

Founder and CEO

Has 25 years experience as a CEO in pedigree and family health history applications. Former co-founder and CEO of Progeny.

Jamie L'Heureux, CGC

Vice President, Product

As a certified genetic counselor (CGC), she leads our product team with her unique mix of genetic counseling and product management skills with over 15 years experience. Former CEO of Progeny.

Michael Clancy

Business Development, Europe

Over 6 years experience working with family health history solutions across project management, product and business development. English, Irish and German speaking.

Jan Przybylo

Chief Technology Officer

Leads the Agile transition and the Patient Portal Web. 16 years of experience in software development. 8 years of experience developing software for healthcare.

Matt Miller, PhD.

Senior Security Software Architect

Computer science and cybersecurity expert with experience teaching at universities, developing code for secure online ordering systems and cybersecurity consulting.

Steven Herbold

Senior Software Developer

Leads our Provider Portal team. Over 8 years experience developing software applications for family history, payment, ordering and inventory processing.

Nick Marino

Marketing Director

Has 20 years experience performing marketing and web management, product development and UI/UX design for family health history applications.