Custom family health history solutions for your enterprise.

FamGenix provides the most efficient tools to accurately screen your patients for hereditary risk analysis.


Track, assess and manage pedigree data.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization without disrupting your current clinical workflows.

  • Fast, feature-rich pedigree drawing tool that you can embed into your clinical software, LIMS, or any other system.
  • Built-in, comprehensive medical vocabularies – enter any condition or phenotype using standard terminologies.
  • Seamlessly exchange data back-and-forth from your system to ours via API’s.
  • Auto-invite patients to complete their own pedigree via email triggered by your current appointment software.
  • Auto-identifies high risk patients via NCCN/ACMG guidelines for further genetic counseling or testing.
  • Run integrated cancer risk assessment models in a single click.
  • Optionally send custom surveys to gather additional required patient data or risk factors.
pedigree drawing
family history questionnaires


Mobile-friendly tools to optimize patient data entry.

Save time by having patients complete their family health history before the appointment.  

  • Send a custom URL for patients to enter their data.
  • Completely customize the survey to focus on the data that matters to you.
  • Start with just a screening approach to identify at-risk individuals and offer detailed family history collection at a later date.
  • Optionally, patients can store a digital copy of their family health history via an app or account online.


Integrate FamGenix into your existing enterprise system.

Implement full-feature pedigree functionality right into your existing software as a separate module.  Once implemented, data can be exchanged via API’s that allow you to push and pull data to maintain accurate and current patient records.

Take advantage of the following:

  • Ability to accurately record family health histories from your patients and present pedigrees to your clinicians
  • Automated email/text invites to patients
  • Custom surveys patients complete themselves
  • Robust pedigree technology available to all your users
  • Identify patients who meet NCCN/ACMG guidelines
  • Store structured data with our built-in medical vocabularies
pedigree software integration
pedigree family history tool


FamGenix Platform

A complete start-to-finish pedigree and risk assessment software platform you can access via the cloud, or implement in your own system to properly gather family health history information from your patients.  

  • Digital tools allow patients to easily self-report their family health history and collaborate with other family members.  
  • The provider portal allows clinicians to create, edit, and review pedigrees as well as run embedded cancer risk models from the leading research institutions in the world.


Cancer Risk Model Licensing

Want to tap into the power of providing cancer risk model calculations embedded into your offering?  FamGenix has just the solution for you.  We are a reseller for several of the cancer risk models we offer.  Reach out to us to discuss licensing options for all your cancer risk assessment needs.

cancer risk assessment

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