Optimized for Precision Medicine.

FamGenix provides the tools necessary to engage your patients for accurate and effective screening and risk analysis.


Track, assess and manage pedigree and patient data efficiently.

Feature-rich tools designed to streamline your workflow and focus more time on consultation.

  • Fast pedigree drawing tool or view/modify auto generated pedigree from patient entered data.
  • Built-in, comprehensive medical vocabularies – enter any condition or phenotype using standard terminologies.
  • Auto-identifies high risk patients that meet criteria for further genetic counseling or testing.
  • Run integrated cancer risk assessment models in a single click.
  • Optionally send custom surveys to gather additional required patient data or risk factors.
pedigree drawing
family health history tool


User-friendly mobile/web app for patients.

Save time by having patients complete their family health history before the appointment for greater accuracy.  Patients can keep a copy of this record indefinitely.  

  • Simplified, Guided Health History
    App guides patients in tracking important health data on any disease to properly evaluate risk.
  • Promote Family Collaboration and Cascade Screening
    Our unique FamShare feature allows patients to easily invite and share data with other family members.


Display pedigrees in your EHR or other system.

Allow any clinician to view the pedigree and detailed family history data in your EHR / EMR.  Our API’s enable pedigrees to be displayed and other data to be integrated into your existing system. 

white label health history app


Brand and customize the app as your own.

Get your own app accessible via web browser or in the app stores with custom content to meet your institution’s requirements.

See how the FamGenix platform can streamline and simplify your workflow.

There's way more to show you...get an in-depth demonstration to discover how we can configure the app and platform to your environment.