BOADICEA Risk Model - Breast and Ovarian Cancer Assessment

Further assess your patient pedigrees using our integrated BOADICEA Risk Assessment tool

Implement BOADICEA without increasing data entry.

BOADICEA (The Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation Algorithm) is a risk modeling program used to calculate probabilities of carrying mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and to estimate future risks of breast and ovarian cancer based on family history.

Patients can utilize the web or mobile app to self-enter all the necessary data points to accurately run the BOADICEA risk calculation.

License the BOADICEA risk model for use at your clinic.

FamGenix is a reseller of BOADICEA version 5. There are two ways to license the model for your clinic:

  1. License FamGenix:  The BOADICEA risk assessment model is included in the FamGenix platform.
  2. License the algorithm to run with your existing system:  Send your family history data to our BOADICEA risk server, and we’ll run the calculations and return the results back to you for display in your system. 

Contact us to discuss your interest in utilizing BOADICEA for your organization.

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