Patient Data Privacy

We're serious about your data privacy and access.

It’s your health data, and only you can give consent to access it.

How we manage your data

At FamGenix, we are firm in our belief that your health data belongs to you.  No data is ever shared without your consent.  We ensure that your data is:

  • Secure and Encrypted
    Your data resides on HIPAA/GDPR compliant servers with complete data encryption, both at rest and in transit.  Data is stored on servers nearest to the region you are located.
  • Not shared or sold without consent
    Some companies profit from selling your data without you knowing about it.  We are NOT one of those companies.  There is value in the medical community for de-identified family data to help with research toward a variety of hereditary diseases.  In the future, you will be notified if or when opportunities arise for sharing your data, and you can choose to participate or not.  There is no one size fits all toward data sharing.  Whether you want to keep your data private, share with only a clinician, or make it widely available for research, we have you covered.
patient data control
family health history sharing

FamShare - sharing your data with family members.

FamShare is the unique sharing function within the FamGenix app to share your family health history data with other family members.  Here’s how it works:

  • Invite and share with family members
    At any time, you can invite a family member.  They will receive an email and text with a unique code that allows them to sign up and get a copy of your family health history record.
  • When other family members join
    Each time another family member is invited (by you or someone else) to use the app, you will be notified and can decide whether or not to share your personal health information with that person.  Don’t get along with your Uncle Bob?  Don’t share data with him.
  • Sharing settings
    You can adjust whether to receive or send updates to each family member that is using the app at any time.  When updates to your family’s health record occurs, you will receive a notification of the update and can approve or reject it.


Sharing data with healthcare providers

If your healthcare provider has referred you to our app to collect your family health history, you can opt-in the provider through a unique Clinician ID.  This gives them a copy of your health record, and you can stop sending them updates at any time. 

If your healthcare provider chooses to send you updates, you will be notified when they update your data.  This keeps your data most accurate and up-to-date. 

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