The FamGenix App allows you to accurately and securely capture and maintain your family health history.

It’s your family history, so take control of it. It could be the best decision you make related to your overall healthcare.

Easy Guided Health History

FamGenix guides you in building your family structure (pedigree) and tracking important health history data points that matter in determining your risks for hereditary disease. You can record disease history for you and all your family members - parents, grandparents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and even cousins and nephews/nieces. You can easily update data or add family members at any time.

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Share Data with Family Members and Apply Sharing Controls

Sometimes, you need help with filling out health data on your family members. FamGenix makes it easy by allowing you to invite other family members to fill out their own family history data. Each time you invite a family member and they accept, a new account is created for that member. You're always in charge of your data and with whom you wish to share. You can grant permission to share your family data updates, as well as whether you would like to receive updates from that person.

Determine Your Risk for Inherited Disease

Once you've completed your family health history, the app will determine if you are at an increased risk for hereditary cancer based on established clinical criteria. You can then discuss this with your healthcare provider or other genetic counselor and resources are available to you to learn more.

Know your risks. Download the app today.

Learn what runs in your family, and take the necessary steps to prevent the disease.