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Pedigree and Risk Assessment Solutions

FamGenix provides solutions for healthcare organizations to properly screen, identify, and assess patients for any type of hereditary disease.

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Trusted by leading healthcare organizations worldwide

Efficiently screen patients for any hereditary disease.

Choose the workflow that’s ideal for your environment, whether you’re starting with a population screening approach or simply managing patients after they’ve been referred. FamGenix has a solution that’s just right for you.

Identify High-Risk Patients

NCCN/ACMG guidelines to determine at risk individuals for genetic testing or counseling.

Complete Pedigree Drawing

Fast and full-featured pedigree chart drawing tool - or view/modify auto generated pedigree from patients.

Custom Data and Surveys

Gather specific patient, family, health, or lifestyle data on any disease to satisfy your intake requirements.

Cancer Risk Modeling

Compare various built-in cancer risk assessment tools, including BOADICEA, Tyrer-Cuzick, BayesMendel and more.

Built-in Medical Ontology

Search and track any condition or phenotype using standard terms and maintain structured data.

Mobile Friendly Patient Tools

Collect patient and/or family health data and pedigree via mobile/web tools.

Screen your patient population with custom screening questionnaires.

Identify at-risk individuals of any disease in as little as 5 minutes.  Gather only the minimal data set needed to determine if patients are at an “increased risk”.  Once identified, you can engage them to complete a detailed family health history for further risk assessment.

cancer screening
pedigree family history tool

Ideal for managing referrals.

If you’re looking to leverage the latest technology to properly screen patients for genetic risk, such as cancer, cardio or rare diseases, FamGenix is your answer.  Our platform is designed to allow patients to easily self-report their personal and family health history pre-visit, so you can spend more time in assessment and consultation.

Embed pedigrees into any EHR or existing system.

Install pedigree technology directly into your EHR or existing software with full functionality or read-only access.  When you implement Single Sign-On (SSO), your clinicians will think your system has the best pedigree module on the planet! 

pedigree ehr integration
white label health history app

Custom branding to your organization.

FamGenix offers the ability to brand several aspects of our software to maintain your image. We can make it look like you built the software yourself, eliminating the need to introduce a 3rd party to your patients.

Take advantage of unique family sharing features with FamShare.

One of the benefits of the patient mobile/web app is the ability for them to share with other family members.  This not only increases accuracy, but allows you to reach other family members who can benefit from hereditary risk assessments. 

family health history sharing

See how the FamGenix platform can streamline and simplify your workflow.

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