Precision medicine begins with family health history.

Implement the FamGenix family health history platform into your clinical or telehealth workflow.

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FamGenix Platform

Our platform saves you tons of time gathering more accurate family health histories from patients, identifying who is at risk based on established NCCN Guidelines® and performing further risk assessment – with an option to brand as your own.

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Auto Identify for Referral

Built-in guidelines determine for you if a patient meets criteria for further genetic counseling or testing.

Auto Generated Pedigree

View/modify pedigree and data, or use as a family history tool to create pedigrees for patients not using the app.

Integrated Risk Modeling

Compare 5-year and lifetime cancer risks from various models, including BOADICEA.

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FamGenix App

Our app guides you in tracking your family health history accurately and keeps you in control of your data.  Invite and share with family members.  Know what runs in your family, and take action to reduce your risks.

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You Control Your Data

You're always in control of your data, and it's never shared without your consent.

Share With Relatives

Share health data, stay updated, and maintain control with FamShare.

Why Family History

Learn why tracking your family health history is more important than ever.

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Learn what runs in your family, and take the necessary steps to prevent the disease.