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Taking control of your healthcare begins with knowing your family health history. Download the free FamGenix app today.

Why Family History

Learn why tracking your family health history is more important than ever.

You Control Your Data

You're always in control of your data, and it's never shared without your consent.

Healthcare Providers

Collect accurate patient family history more efficiently with our platform.

Take control of your family health history.

The FamGenix app provides families an easy and flexible way to track and share their health history.

family history dashboard
Track Important Family Health History

The app provides an easy, guided approach to build your family and track the necessary health data that effects your risk for inherited disease.

Collaborate with Family Members

Invite other family members to share their health history for a more accurate picture of your family's health.

Determine Risk for Inherited Disease

The app can tell you if you are at an increased risk for hereditary cancer, with resources to help you take the next step in your healthcare.