Patient App

Empower patients to track, share and maintain their own family health history record.

The FamGenix app helps clinicians, patients and family members in assessing hereditary disease risk.

Simplified, guided questionnaires provide complete and accurate family health history.

The FamGenix app and web portal guides your patients in recording the necessary health history data for each family member to accurately assess their risk for inherited diseases.

  • Save time
    Collect family history from your patients before the clinic visit
  • Patient-owned data
    Patients keep an ongoing and updated record of their family health history. Data is not sold, and consent is handled within the app.
  • Custom questionnaires
    Gather additional required data or risk factors as you see fit.
  • Secure and Encrypted
    Complete data protection using the highest level security and encryption methods. Conforms with HIPAA and GDPR standards.
  • Regional data storage
    Data is stored on servers closest to your region – US, Canada, Europe and Australia.
family health sharing

Facilitate family communication, data sharing and cascade screening among family members.

FamGenix makes it easy for your patients to invite other family members to fill out their own family history data with our FamShare feature. Each invited family member controls their own family history record, and with whom they wish to share their data.

  • Accurate pedigrees
    Family history data is more precise when family members can participate.
  • Data sharing controls
    Family members can adjust with whom to send or receive updates at any time.
  •  Communicate risk among family members for additional counseling and testing.

How does the platform work?

  1. Direct patients to install the app and enter your clinician code
    After joining our platform, direct your patients to install the FamGenix app via the App Store or Google Play (or via web portal), and provide them your clinician code. They will be prompted to enter the code, which will link their data to your organization.  For white label customers, no clinician code is needed.
  2. Patient completes family history
    Patients are guided to track family health data, fill out additional custom surveys, and invite family members.
  3. Providers login to assess risk
    Healthcare professionals can login to a HIPAA/GDPR secure provider portal to view/edit the pedigree and patient entered data, run risk assessment models and much more.
patient clinician access

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