Provider Portal

Save time identifying high-risk patients and performing risk assessment.

The Provider portal delivers all you need to manage your patient family history data.

View auto-generated pedigree and patient data.

After your patients have entered their family health history from the FamGenix app or web portal, healthcare providers can login to the Provider portal to view/edit all patient-entered data and pedigree. 

  • Click on any family member to view or edit health history details.
  • Create new patients and enter family histories or draw pedigrees for those who don’t use the app.
  • Additional patient health, demographic or lifestyle data and custom questionnaires can be found under the Patient Data tab.
pedigree drawing

Patients that meet referral criteria are automatically identified.

Save time determining which patients are at increased cancer risk and need further genetic evaluation.  The app automatically determines if the patient meets criteria for further genetic counseling or testing for hereditary cancer.

  • Criteria based on established NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)
  • The app displays the specific reasons that the criteria was met.

Run multiple cancer risk assessment models.

Cancer risk models are built-in, so you can run models simultaneously without additional data entry. 

  • Determine 5-year and lifetime cancer risk
  • Risk assessment tools include Gail, Claus and BOADICEA.  Tyrer-Cuzick and BayesMendel are coming soon.

Stay connected with your patients.

The portal allows you to optionally receive updates from your patient as their family health history changes.

  • Receive update notifications for each record change, with the option to approve or deny the change.
  • Instantly see if the changes affect their level of cancer risk or in meeting referral criteria.

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