Provider Portal

Save time drawing pedigrees, identifying high-risk patients and performing risk assessment.

The Provider portal delivers all you need to manage pedigrees and family history data.

Fast and flexible pedigree drawing tool, or view auto-generated pedigrees.

Experience an exceptional pedigree chart maker with tons of advanced features for medical genetic teams, or generate pedigrees and save time by directing patients to mobile-friendly family health history questionnaires before the initial consultation.

  • Build pedigrees very quickly and easily view/edit data on any family member
  • Move individuals freely and customize the pedigree as desired.
  • Utilize built-in medical ontology (including HPO, OMIM, CHV, NCI and others) when applying conditions or genes (HGNC) to maintain structured data and interoperability.
  • Advanced pedigree display options include ability to show black/white symbols, hide all partners (or unaffected partners), show/hide specific diseases, individual and pedigree notes, genetic testing, names, ancestry and more.
pedigree drawing
cancer risk assessment

Run all cancer risk assessment models simultaneously.

Cancer risk models are built-in to the software, so you can run models simultaneously with a single click without additional data entry.  We even alert you if you’re missing specific data for a certain model.

  • Risk assessment tools include BOADICEA, Tyrer-Cuzick v8 (IBIS), BayesMendel (BRCAPRO, MMRpro, MelaPRO, PancPRO), Gail and Claus.
  • Determine 5 or 10 year and lifetime cancer risk

Patients that meet referral criteria are automatically identified.

Save time determining which patients are at increased cancer risk and need further genetic evaluation.  The pedigree tool automatically determines if the patient meets criteria for further genetic counseling or testing for hereditary cancer.

  • Criteria based on established NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) or ACMG/NSGC Practice Guidelines.
  • The software displays the specific reasons that the criteria was met.
cancer genetics referral criteria
patient risk factors

Track custom patient data and surveys

Gather additional cancer risk, lifestyle or your own custom data from the patient in addition to their pedigree.  Custom surveys can be filled out by the patient before the appointment (saving time to focus on consultation), or visible and edited only by the clinician on the portal.

Import Pedigrees and Data

Options to view or import your existing pedigrees and archive data from other pedigree software like Progeny.

EHR Integration

Link and display pedigrees in your EHR for any clinician to access.

Custom Query / Reporting

Filter and query your patient list for analysis. Save/export to multiple formats.

Upload Documents

Store and view any document for each patient for easy retrieval.

Share Pedigree with Patient

After creating the pedigree, give patients a copy and ongoing access to their own family history record.

Regional Data Storage

All data is stored and accessed in regions closest to you to comply with data laws. US, Canada, UK/Europe, Australia.

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