FamHis, Inc. Completes it’s Launch of the FamGenix Family Health History Platform

famgenix app

FamHis, Inc. announces the completion and worldwide release of their next-generation family health history platform FamGenix.  The free patient mobile app was soft-launched in November, 2019 and the provider portal for clinicians was released last month.  The platform facilitates a telemedicine-based approach to gathering family health histories, saving time and improving accuracy.  In line with FamHis’ commitment to patient data security, servers have been launched in the US and Europe, and are planned for Canada and Australia next month. 

FamGenix revolutionizes collection of family health history by putting patients in control of their own data.  Patients engage with other family members through a unique feature called FamShare, allowing for secure exchange of data and a more accurate family history.  Each family member controls their own record and privacy settings.  Important health information, like genetic test results, can be easily communicated with other family members via the app, facilitating cascade screening. 

“With 25 years in the industry, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of an accurate family health history and the effect it has on decision making for healthcare providers and their patients,” said Michael Brammer, Founder and CEO of FamHis, Inc.  “But the idea that it’s something to address only when patients are facing a health crisis, is short-sighted.  FamGenix is much more than a simple screening tool and is the first of its kind to empower patients to own and maintain their own family health history, indefinitely.  Preventative healthcare is the future of medicine and it begins with family history.” 

Healthcare providers can review patient data, including an auto-generated pedigree in the provider portal.  The system screens patients and identifies high-risk individuals who meet criteria for further genetic counseling or testing based on NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®).  Multiple integrated cancer risk assessment models, including BOADICEA, calculate a patient’s lifetime cancer risk.  Standard or custom questionnaires allow for capturing any condition (not limited to cancer) or other data needed for clinical or research purposes.

There is a white-label option for healthcare providers who want to brand the app as their own in the app stores.  FamHis signed their first white-label license with a prestigious cancer center and has pilots planned in several countries. 

The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.  Healthcare professionals can access a free trial and further details of the platform at famgenix.com

About FamHis

FamHis is the publisher of the FamGenix family health history platform, connecting patients with family members and healthcare providers worldwide for more accurate family histories.  The company was founded by Michael Brammer, the former Co-Founder of Progeny Software, and the team assembled has decades worth of experience in developing family health history tools.  The platform allows healthcare providers to efficiently gather and assess family health data to identify high-risk patients for hereditary diseases, while empowering patients to control and maintain their own family history record indefinitely.  To learn more, visit famgenix.com.

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