Servers Launched in Canada and EU

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FamGenix recently launched our mobile web app and family health history platform on dedicated servers in Canada and the European Union, giving added security and compliance to clinical and patient health data stored in those regions (which also includes the UK). We also have plans to launch servers in Australia and Singapore. 

The cloud platform utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted and reliable technology partner in the healthcare industry. AWS core infrastructure is designed to meet the most stringent security requirements for high-sensitivity organizations, such as healthcare, banks and the military, to ensure that your patient and provider data remains confidential and protected.  The platform also enables us to achieve and monitor regulatory compliance requirements for HIPAA and GDPR. 

The AWS infrastructure has the most extensive global network of regions than any other cloud provider.  This allows us to deliver the FamGenix platform seamlessly to other regions as needed, while keeping the same standards for security and compliancy.  All data stored on the platform remains encrypted at rest and in transit, and is never transferred outside these regions. 

Contact us to learn more about implementing the FamGenix pedigree and family health history platform in your area.

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