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FamGenix Free for Genetic Counseling Programs

Provide your students with our next-generation pedigree tools for free.

Genetic counseling students can access the FamGenix Platform for free.

FamGenix is partnering with genetic counseling programs to empower their students with the latest software tools to gather family history and assess hereditary risk more efficiently.  Our platform assists students in learning and engaging with patients or research participants following an easy and time-saving workflow. 

Learn by using the latest pedigree and risk assessment tools.

  • Fast and easy pedigree maker with built-in medical ontology to enter any condition or gene
  • Mobile-friendly patient health history collection with unique family sharing features
  • Auto-identifies high-risk patients based on NCCN and ACMG/NSGC guidelines
  • Built-in cancer risk assessment models, including BOADICEA, Tyrer-Cuzick v8 (IBIS), BayesMendel, Gail and Claus
  • Track additional patient health, demographic or lifestyle data
pedigree drawing

Get started with a free FamGenix license for your entire program.

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