FamHis is Changing Name to FamGenix

Some of you know us by FamHis, and most of you know us by our product, FamGenix.  We’ve decided to make it easier on everyone and change our name.  FamHis is now officially doing business as FamGenix!
The FamGenix platform and brand represents the new standard for pedigree and family health history collection for patients, clinicians and clinical genetics teams.  With an ever-increasing amount of people utilizing the free patient mobile/web app to record their family history pre-visit, and clinicians accessing the provider portal clinical database, the FamGenix name is what everyone is looking for and expect to see.  The name change will solidify and simplify our visibility and recognition in the market.
The FamGenix website continues to serve both patients and clinicians. While our name has changed, we still have the same experienced staff and excellent service you’ve come to expect.  We are committed to keep developing useful next-generation features for our clients, and remain true to our mission – to advance healthcare through family history.
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