FamGenix and Spesana Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Patient Care Workflow Solutions & Integrate Hereditary Risk Screening

FamGenix and Spesana, two leading health-tech companies, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that promises to propel the advancement of precision medicine and transform the solutions available to clinicians & patients. Combining FamGenix’s hereditary risk screening solutions with Spesana’s clinical workflow ecosystem, both organizations aim to revolutionize patient care and outcomes in the healthcare industry.

With this collaboration, clinicians will have unprecedented access to actionable data at the point of care, empowering them to make informed decisions and create more efficient and personalized patient treatment plans. FamGenix’s state-of-the-art pedigree and hereditary risk assessment solutions are planned to be seamlessly integrated with Spesana’s solution, providing a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and insights.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration brings to serve clinicians as they diagnose and treat the patient medicine, which by definition, requires deep understanding of the whole patient,” said Carla Balch, CEO/Founder at Spesana. “By combining Spesana’s technology with FamGenix’s genomics insights, we aim to leverage our advanced technology tools to create a clinician-friendly shift to include genetics and family history as a standard piece of healthcare, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and potentially their family.”

The collaboration between FamGenix and Spesana is driven by shared objectives and their strong alignment in mission, vision, and values. Both companies are deeply committed to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes.

“We’re firmly committed to making family health histories a part of every patient’s electronic health record. The promise of precision medicine can only reach its full potential if a complete and accurate picture of the patient is presented to clinicians at the point of care and family health histories are an integral part. The collaboration between FamGenix and Spesana is a major step forward in achieving this goal,” said Michael Brammer, CEO/Founder at FamGenix.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies and holds the promise of reshaping the future of healthcare through the integration of advanced technology and clinical expertise. Together, FamGenix and Spesana are poised to make a meaningful impact on patient care, enabling better outcomes and healthier communities.

About FamGenix:

FamGenix offers an innovative platform where clinicians and patients can accurately record, maintain, and share family health histories to assess the hereditary risk of disease. The company serves patient populations worldwide with servers in multiple countries to conform with local data privacy laws. Current clients include several of the top NCCN centers in the United States as well as the NHS in the UK. The company was founded by Michael Brammer, former CEO/Co-Founder of Progeny Software, who assembled a team with over 100 years of combined experience in delivering family health history solutions.

For more information, please visit | https://famgenix.com/

About Spesana:

Spesana has developed a healthcare platform for all therapeutic areas in all settings of care to increase the velocity of patients moving to the right specialists with a unified medical record. Important to the mission is the focus on precision medicine, notably molecular diagnostics, and clinical collaborations to allow physicians, patients, and insurance teams to come together around the best available therapies and new clinical trials for patients. The company was founded by oncology information technology trailblazer Carla Balch and an experienced team known for building the first certified electronic medical record platform in oncology. Spesana creates real-time collaborations, decision support based on real-world data and molecular diagnostics results.

For more information, please visit | http://www.spesana.com

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