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Family History App Support

Accessing the Survey

  1. Visit the unique URL link that was provided to you in your email from City of Hope.  Use this link each time you want to access the survey.
  2. Select ‘Start Survey’ on the initial Welcome screen to begin.
  3. Verify your Date of Birth and click ‘Next’ to continue.
  4. Create a Password (Optional) – after verifying your birth date, you may also click ‘Create a Password’ to login with a password instead of verifying your date of birth each time you enter the survey.  This step is optional.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Submit’ to proceed to the survey questions.

Entering Personal Health History

  1. Enter Biological Sex – option also exists if you have a different gender identity.
  2. Enter conditions you’ve been diagnosed with and the age of diagnosis for each.  Under each category, click ‘Search’ if you can’t find your disease among the list displayed to access more options.  If you can’t remember something, you can click ‘Next’ and enter it later.
  3. Genetic Testing – if yes, and you’ve tested positive for genes, search and choose which genes.  If you’re not sure or have tested negative for all, you can continue without choosing which genes.
  4. Race/Ethnicity – Your race/ethnicity can effect your risk for hereditary diseases.  Select what best describes you.  You can put more detail on ancestry in the next screen.
  5. Ancestry – you can select more than one, or skip entirely.
personal health

Entering Family Health History

  1. Adding Family Members – Add family members when prompted, then tap/click the person to edit their data.  You don’t have to enter all family members or health details now.  If you get stuck, you can enter any person or data later.  Include as many blood relatives as you can. 
  2. Family Member Profile – all data is optional.  Enter as much as you desire.  Health history data is most important.  Click ‘Done’ at the bottom to save.
  3. Relationship (under Profile) – you can change how someone is related to you (such as changing a sibling to a half-sibling) by changing one of the parents.
  4. When finished, your family health history is complete!  The last screen in the popup allows you to go to the risk factor survey (also accessible from the Home screen).
add family

Risk Factor Survey / Home / Family List

  1. Home Screen – The Home screen allows you to quickly access different areas of the app, such as Surveys or Family screen. Click ‘Surveys’.
  2. Surveys – The Risk Factor survey contains additional questions that can affect your risk of hereditary cancer.  It also allows us to run certain risk models that can help us to further assess your cancer risk.  Click ‘Risk Factor’ to begin.
  3. Risk Factor Survey – complete the entire survey.  You may exit at any time and it will pick up where you left off.
  4. Family Screen – clicking ‘Family’ on the Home screen allows you to add/edit any family member.  Be sure to enter additional cousins/nephews/nieces and their health history.  You can add multiple family members at one time to anyone in the family list by clicking the ‘add family’ button for that person.

Report an Issue

Found a bug or issue while using the City of Hope app?  Help us resolve the issue by giving details on how you reproduced it, and we will respond to you within one business day.  Our app is supported by FamGenix.  Click below and you’ll be redirected to their support page to submit your issue.  We are committed to regularly updating the app and fixing known bugs, so be sure you have updated to the latest version before reporting the error.