FamGenix and Spesana Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Patient Care Workflow Solutions & Integrate Hereditary Risk Screening

FamGenix and Spesana, two leading health-tech companies, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that promises to propel the advancement of precision medicine and transform the solutions available to clinicians & patients. Combining FamGenix’s hereditary risk screening solutions with Spesana’s … Read More

FamGenix 2.0 – Improving the User Experience

We’ve made great improvements and developments over the last year and we’re excited about the flexibility and customization we now offer our users. FamGenix 2.0 is our most comprehensive release yet, and we have delivered an extensive set of user … Read More

FamHis is Changing Name to FamGenix

Some of you know us by FamHis, and most of you know us by our product, FamGenix.  We’ve decided to make it easier on everyone and change our name.  FamHis is now officially doing business as FamGenix!   The FamGenix … Read More

Servers Launched in Canada and EU

FamGenix recently launched our mobile web app and family health history platform on dedicated servers in Canada and the European Union, giving added security and compliance to clinical and patient health data stored in those regions (which also includes the … Read More

FamHis, Inc. Completes it’s Launch of the FamGenix Family Health History Platform

FamHis, Inc. announces the completion and worldwide release of their next-generation family health history platform FamGenix.  The free patient mobile app was soft-launched in November, 2019 and the provider portal for clinicians was released last month.  The platform facilitates a … Read More