App Guide

FamGenix App Guide

Sign Up and Create Account

  1. Sign up via web browser (visit our account page to access the links) or download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. After launching the app, click ‘Sign Up’ to create your account
  3. Family Code – click ‘Skip’ (unless you were invited and received a code by a family member).
  4. Create your account – enter all information, click ‘Sign Up’ and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.
  5. Enter phone number and click ‘Next’ to receive your 6-digit verification code via text message.  Then, enter this code on the following screen.
  6. Clinician code – if you were invited by a clinician, enter the code they provided you and click ‘Done’.  Otherwise, click ‘Skip’.  Congrats, you’re done with creating your account!
create account

Entering Personal Health History

  1. Enter Biological Sex
  2. Enter conditions you’ve been diagnosed with and the age of diagnosis for each.  If you can’t find your disease or can’t remember something, you can click ‘Next’ and enter it later.
  3. Genetic Testing – if yes, and you’ve tested positive for genes, keep scrolling and choose which genes.  If you’re not sure or have tested negative for all, you can continue without choosing which genes.
  4. Race/Ethnicity – Your race/ethnicity can effect your risk for hereditary diseases.  Pick what best describes you.  You can put more detail on ancestry in the next screen.
  5. Ancestry – you can select more than one, or skip entirely.

Entering Family Health History

  1. Adding Family Members – You don’t have to enter all family members or health details now.  If you get stuck, you can enter any person or data later.  Include as many blood relatives as you can.  You can invite people to fill out their own information at any time.
  2. Profile – all data is optional.  Enter as much as you desire.  Health history data is important!  Click ‘Done’ in the top right corner to save.
  3. Relationship (under Profile) – you can change how someone is related to you (such as changing a sibling to a half-sibling) by changing one of the parents.
  4. When finished, your onboarding is complete!  You can make changes to your family or data by accessing the Family screen or Home screen.
family history

Home Screen

  1. The Home screen allows you to quickly access different areas of the app, such as your Profile or Family screen.
  2. If you’re clinician has additional surveys for you to complete, you can find them under the Surveys section.
app home

Report an Issue

Found a bug or issue while using the FamGenix app?  Help us resolve the issue by giving details on how you reproduced it, and we will respond to you within one business day.  We are committed to regularly updating the app and fixing known bugs, so be sure you have updated to the latest version before reporting the error.